CoverMate Zero – R – updated


Covermate Zero R  updated

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Voor spa’s met een verhoogde achterzijde, zoals de Jacuzzi J-400 serie, is er een speciale versie: CoverMate Zero R.

  • CoverMate Zero R

    The cover lift that outperforms all others – version for spas with a raised back design

    UPDATED with aluminium plate inserts for the cover

    This version of the CoverMate Zero is specifically designed to work with spas that have a raised back design such as the Jacuzzi J-400 series (2020 models), the Artesian Spas Elite series and Coast Spas models with a raised back.

    The CoverMate Zero R is the first-ever cover lift that offers the benefit of an automatic style cover lift system, but in a manual cover lift at a manual cover lift price. This low-profile, uniquely designed lift allows the cover to open and close in a single, smooth, fluid motion with nearly zero effort required. It’s the cover lift your customers can’t say no to!

    The fantastic CoverMate Zero offers the quickest and easiest installation ever! This is an upright hydraulic cover lifter: you won’t have to worry about pivot arms, support arms, or retainer clips pulling at the center seam of the cover. It requires only 8 inch (~ 20 cm) of clearance behind the spa! The CoverMate Zero operates smoother than ever before. The sleek and consolidated design will perfectly complement your spas, it can even replace the upright lifter you’re currently using and is also great for swim spas!

    Features & Specs

    • Zero racking with smooth and fluid movement when opening and closing
    • Hydraulic shocks allow opening and closing with a simple flip of the finger
    • Non-corrosive, powder-coated aluminum components
    • Ideal for spas up to 8 feet (~ 240 cm)
    • Requires just 8 inches (~ 20 cm) of clearance behind the spa and 5 inches (~ 13 cm) on each side
    • Maximum weight of the cover: 25 kg
    • Quick and easy installation


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